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5th & Main Project Topping Off Ceremony

We were thrilled to attend the topping off ceremony for our project at 5th and Main. The shape of the building is really starting to come together as a unique look in the city fabric. The views from the top are going to be spectacular!

Congratulations to Chard, ITC and all of the sub-trades involved in getting this project to where it is.


Above, Exterior View Rendering


The Golden Shovels!


 Rooftop Vista


Top o’ the world!

MEC’s new Head Office and Flagship – Vancouver

Proscenium’s Hugh Cochlin and Ben Nielsen recently led sold-out hard hat tours of MEC’s new Head Office and Flagship at 2nd & Quebec. Currently under construction, this project was designed under our  sustainability agenda and using innovative technology.

This LEED Platinum Certified office building is designed to be 55% more energy efficient than a conventional building of A similar size.


The Head Office and Flagship Store will open later this year and we couldn’t be more thrilled!





Pipe Shop Phase II

Early this year, the City of North Vancouver commissioned the second phase of the Pipe Shop. Primarily a building systems scope comprising a new HVAC system, complete with AC to condition the space, along with new lighting and controls –  the Pipe Shop will soon be a comfortable space for event goers.


There are only two architectural elements in this phase, but they will have a dramatic impact on the space. Acoustic panels will fasten to the ceiling to reduce the resonance of the room and an architecturally unique stair will provide access to a future lounge space in the mezzanine. In the interim, the mezzanine will be for staff access only.




The new Vancouver MEC Store in progress

Site located at 2nd and Quebec:

South-west corner of mass timber (& steel frame) structure with steel canopy supports

Second of 3- storey mass timber structure, (glulam & steel frame with 7-layer CLT floor & roof plates)

Photography courtesy of Jack Korb

Concept Design Project

This project consists of two distinct parts – the revitalization of an existing heritage building and the addition of a new 6-storey residential building at the back of the site. The main challenge was to create a volume that wasn’t imposing, that is respectful of the existing heritage building.

The cantilever of the upper levels was informed by zoning mandated setbacks from the lane, and provides an additional material and visual separation between existing and new construction.

The main entry and two storey lobby to the building have been located on the side street between the existing building and the addition, a linchpin connecting heritage and contemporary elements in juxtaposition.

Ample outdoor spaces on both north and south facades add depth to the architectural expression and provide the passive solar gain control required to meet energy targets.




Meet PAI Employee Steve Dixon


Where were you born?

Woodlands, New Zealand. It’s a tiny rural village of about 150 people at the bottom of the country.

How did you get into design?

I became interested in design when I was a kid watching my uncle drawing floor plans and construction details at his drafting table. I was fascinated with technical drawing and after taking graphic design in high school I knew I wanted to work in a design field, which eventually lead to Architecture.

What class in school has proven to be the least useful?

I think every class has been useful to a degree except maybe the semester on Shakespearean literature. Painfully boring.

What is the best building of all time?

My favourite building would have to be the Len Lye Centre but the best building would be anywhere that I can get a good peaceful sleep at the end of the day.

Best brunch spot in Vancouver is…

Anywhere that I can get good eggs benedict at the start of the day

You never leave home without…

Keys, Phone, Wallet

Your Great Escape would be to…  

Take a heli-ski trip to a remote mountain somewhere in Japan

What single piece of technology makes your life easier?

A slow cooker. For those tasty beef stews.

What is your spirit animal?

I like to think mine would be something silent and deadly. Like a jaguar, or a wolf. But in reality, I’m probably an old house cat.

What word do you have trouble saying?

“Conscientiously” It always trips me up.