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UBC Pool/Gym Renovation

Proscenium recently completed a renovation of one of the pools up at UBC and converted it into a new gym space.

UBC Gym-Pool renovation



Proscenium accepts 2015 SABMag Award

Proscenium, along with MEC and the consultant teams, is excited to be honoured with a 2015 Canadian Green Building Award for the work done on the Mountain Equipment Coop Head Office here in Vancouver.  Congratulations to all!

IMG_2198 MEC_Ext-322

Proscenium collects items for the WISH Charity

wish charity logo

Last week Proscenium organized a clothing and item drive for the WISH Charity. The WISH Charity focuses exclusively on aiding female sex workers by providing a non-judgemental place where they can get nutritious hot meals, showers and hygiene items and clothing. They also help by providing an on-site nurse, referrals to detox centres/rehabilitation houses and shelters for upwards of 150 women.

Thank you to all of our collaborators and friends that dropped off clothing and items to our office May 4th-8th!

New Langara Science building taking shape

The new Science and Technology building at Langara College is progressing quickly. The steel structure is in the process of being erected and the cantilever support structure will be removed in a couple of weeks. The building is targeting to open its doors to students in June 2016.

Langara Science and Student Services Steel - Teeple Architects Langara Science and Student Services Steel - Teeple Architects Langara Science and Student Services Steel - Teeple Architects

Meet Proscenium’s Employees!

Name?  Austin Lidstone

Where were you born?  Vancouver, BC

Where did you go to school? Why? I studied Interior Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. At the time it was the only accredited degree Interior Design program in BC. Staying local also meant more manageable student loans.

What class in school has proven to be the least useful? I had a mandatory 1st year communications class where the prof could have used some lessons in communication himself.

What’s your most prized article of black clothing? A pair of leather wedge ankle boots.

What are some of your favorite micro-breweries/food-trucks in Vancouver?  Main Street Brewery, Tacofino Cantina, Vij’s Railway Express.

What do you never leave home without? Shoes.

Your Great Escape would be to? Tour the Galapagos Islands

If you could only play three albums in the studio, what would they be? Broken Social Scene – ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’, Polica – ‘Give You the Ghost’, and Brasstronaut – ‘Mount Chimaera’

What single piece of technology makes your life easier? Cliché but true. My iPhone.

What magazine do you look for when you are stuck in a waiting room?  I usually just grab the first fashion magazine that’s available. Typically the weekly news magazines are months old and I’m too embarrassed to flip through the trashy tabloids in public.

What word do you have trouble saying? Sea anemone

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? Outside either on the mountain, in the forest or at the water. Nothing beats a great Vancouver day hiking with friends (and animals), a picnic lunch and a few brews.


West First Theatre Centre Takes Shape

The West First Theatre Centre is taking shape with construction moving forward at an impressive pace.  The walls around the studio theatre space are being built, giving us the first hints at what the newest performance venue in Vancouver will feel like.  Framing is being installed for the balcony which will overlook the triple height lobby, while the rehearsal and office spaces are well under way including a new bank of windows on the north side which will maximize daylight.  WFTCBP

MEC Head Office wins Wood Design Award!

MEC Head Office 10

Proscenium is pleased to announce that the MEC Head Office in Vancouver has won a Wood Design Award in the commercial projects category at the Canadian Wood Council’s 2015 Wood Design Awards.

We worked with MEC to create a green building for their head office that would reflect their unique corporate culture which puts emphasis on environmental sustainability and employee wellbeing.  The resulting heavy timber structure is the largest wood building in Vancouver.

Congratulations to MEC and all the consultant teams who saw this project through to completion!