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Proscenium had the good fortune to work once again with Chard Development on their new residential project in Victoria.  Now under construction, the Duet is 90 condos nestled in the prime Victoria neighbourhood of James Bay.  You can read more about our design process with Chard Development on the Duet Blog.


Fun Fridays

The unprecedented good weather Vancouver has been enjoying this summer has sparked the imagination of the folks here at Proscenium and has resulted in Fun Fridays. Nearly every Friday this summer saw some kind of treat or fun activity. There was the Crawfish lunch complete with bibs, the Lucky’s donuts that just appeared one morning (Thanks Ben P!) and the blender drinks topped with little umbrellas. Our favourite was the Mango Mint Madness. The recipe can be found below.

fun friday

Mango Mint Madness
1 bag of frozen Mangos
2 cups Mango Juice
1 bunch of Mint
Juice of two Limes
1 can of Grapefruit Palm Bay
Ice to fill blender.

Blend Up and Enjoy!

Makes a little for everyone, or a lot for just one.