Meet Proscenium’s Employees!

Name?  Austin Lidstone

Where were you born?  Vancouver, BC

Where did you go to school? Why? I studied Interior Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. At the time it was the only accredited degree Interior Design program in BC. Staying local also meant more manageable student loans.

What class in school has proven to be the least useful? I had a mandatory 1st year communications class where the prof could have used some lessons in communication himself.

What’s your most prized article of black clothing? A pair of leather wedge ankle boots.

What are some of your favorite micro-breweries/food-trucks in Vancouver?  Main Street Brewery, Tacofino Cantina, Vij’s Railway Express.

What do you never leave home without? Shoes.

Your Great Escape would be to? Tour the Galapagos Islands

If you could only play three albums in the studio, what would they be? Broken Social Scene – ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’, Polica – ‘Give You the Ghost’, and Brasstronaut – ‘Mount Chimaera’

What single piece of technology makes your life easier? Cliché but true. My iPhone.

What magazine do you look for when you are stuck in a waiting room?  I usually just grab the first fashion magazine that’s available. Typically the weekly news magazines are months old and I’m too embarrassed to flip through the trashy tabloids in public.

What word do you have trouble saying? Sea anemone

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? Outside either on the mountain, in the forest or at the water. Nothing beats a great Vancouver day hiking with friends (and animals), a picnic lunch and a few brews.


West First Theatre Centre Takes Shape

The West First Theatre Centre is taking shape with construction moving forward at an impressive pace.  The walls around the studio theatre space are being built, giving us the first hints at what the newest performance venue in Vancouver will feel like.  Framing is being installed for the balcony which will overlook the triple height lobby, while the rehearsal and office spaces are well under way including a new bank of windows on the north side which will maximize daylight.  WFTCBP

MEC Head Office wins Wood Design Award!

MEC Head Office 10

Proscenium is pleased to announce that the MEC Head Office in Vancouver has won a Wood Design Award in the commercial projects category at the Canadian Wood Council’s 2015 Wood Design Awards.

We worked with MEC to create a green building for their head office that would reflect their unique corporate culture which puts emphasis on environmental sustainability and employee wellbeing.  The resulting heavy timber structure is the largest wood building in Vancouver.

Congratulations to MEC and all the consultant teams who saw this project through to completion!


Meet Proscenium’s Employees!


Name? Adrian Wong

Where were you born?  Vancouver

Where did you go to school? Why?  University College Dublin. It was 20 minutes from my house, plus it’s the oldest school of architecture in the country, has strong teaching staff and promotes a considered design ethos.

What’s your most prized article of black clothing?  My new New Balance runners

Who do you have an architectural/interior design crush on?  Joshua Prince-Ramus

What is the best building of all time?  Teshima Art Museum

What are some of your favourite micro-breweries/food-trucks in Vancouver?    Still trying to work that out.

What was your most recent splurge?  My new New Balance runners

Your Great Escape would be to?  Eventually want to explore the interior of Canada on a road trip and see all its landscapes.


Name?  Alexandra Tresa

Where were you born?  Vancouver

Where did you go to school? Why?  I went to BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology). I like that their programs have a more practical and hands on approach to education.

What’s your most prized article of black clothing?  Does my invincible mini umbrella count as an article of clothing? Let’s go with that.

What is the best building of all time?  The Florence Cathedral is pretty spectacular!

What are some of your favourite micro-breweries/food-trucks in Vancouver?  Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck, Aussie Pie Guy and Vij’s Railway Express.

What do you never leave home without?  My umbrella. You never really know in Vancouver.

What are you doing for fun when you’re not at Proscenium?  There’s fun outside Proscenium?

What was your most recent splurge?  Cashmere sweater.

Your Great Escape would be to?  Australia or Iceland.

Artist Selected for Christ Church Bell Spire

Proscenium has been working with Christ Church Cathedral on restoring their heritage cathedral over the last decade.  The current phase of work sees the restoration of the roof along with the construction of a 1oo foot tall bell spire clad in stained glass.  The bell spire is one step closer to reality with the selection of Canadian artist, Sarah Hall and her stained glass design, “Welcoming Light.”

Work is slated to begin this spring with completion in time for Christmas 2015.

Read more about the selection of the artist and the restoration campaign:

Christ Church Cathedral – “Raise the Roof Campaign”

Vancity Buzz



2014 AWMAC Awards – Austeville Head Office

We are pleased to report that Seagull Enterprises is the recipient of a 2014 AWMAC Award for their architectural millwork on the Austeville Properties Head Office project.  The Ed Russell Award recognizes the “overall excellence in quality and service” on a small commercial project. Proscenium served as the Architect and CDC Construction as the general contractor.


PAI AWMAC awards

Proscenium in the News!

Mountain Equipment Coop’s move into its recently completed head office on Great Northern Way has been generating a lot of buzz.  It’s the building’s small environmental footprint and design which encourages staff interaction and well-being which has been getting the most attention.   We were thrilled to once again work with MEC as this project as with other MEC buildings we have designed, keeps true to their commitment to innovative and sustainable building practices. 

Click on the links to the stories below to learn more about this exciting project!

Canadian Architect

Vancouver Sun

Business in Vancouver

Western Living

Vancity Buzz

MEC Exterior

mec splice 1

Patagonia’s Vancouver Flagship Coming Soon


Proscenium is hard at work with Patagonia on their new Vancouver store, the first in city and only the second in Canada. The West 4th flagship location in Kitsilano is targeted to open at the end of November just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

This adaptive re-use project retains much of the existing building, salvaging as much material as possible for the new store. The concept is to return the building back to its 1950’s roots by sandblasting the floor and exposing the original ceiling. A unique element is the use of rusting corten steel for the exterior shingles that will naturally age, which along with the raw steel canopy will reflect the building’s industrial warehouse heritage.

Escher Victoria – Take a peak inside.

Proscenium once again has the pleasure of working with Chard Development, this time on the interiors for their new residential development in Victoria, “Escher”.   The project is coming together, with the display suite now open, and website launched.  Here are some renderings to illustrate what awaits future residents of Escher.

For more information, check out the project’s website.


escher web