MEC Edmonton – Brewery District

In 2015 MEC launched their strategic plan to evolve from encouraging “self propelled wilderness” to “active outdoor lifestyles”.  Along with developing products, marketing and community involvement for their expanded market, an enhanced store environment was required to create a meaningful experience for existing and new members.

The simple goals: To create a contemporary consistent distinctive MEC store design which is inspiring, easy to navigate, recognizable and familiar from coast to coast, in alignment with MEC brand values; to encapsulate the core principles that will be applied to all stores, while allowing modulation and flexibility both in store planning and building expression to respond to local opportunities; to make MEC stores ‘siblings’ rather than ‘identical twins’, sharing a visible relationship and an approach to composition & material palette, without being a carbon copy; to register – from any distance, a dedication to sustainable goals & green features, a clear respect for use of organic materials and for a regionally inspired landscaping.


Photography/Rendering: Jim Dobie Photography
  • Client: MEC
  • Location: Edmonton
  • Size: 41,000 (SF)
  • Completion: 2017
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