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Spooky Office Fun

Some of the staff carved pumpkins to add some spooky cheer to the office stairwell.



Shine Auto Wash and Storguard


Our Shine Auto Wash and Storguard build in Burnaby is coming along. This state of the art, fully automated car wash facility translates the simple task of washing a car into a spectacle. shineburnaby

Proscenium to work with MEC creating a new flagship store

MEC has begun the process to create a new flagship store in the Vancouver Olympic Village by mid-2018. The store 45,000 sq. ft. store will be located at 2nd Avenue and Quebec Street, just steps away from the Seawall.

The building will target LEED Gold certification and feature an undulating green roof that will capture rain run off.



Private Residence House Progress

Our project for a private residence here in Vancouver is coming along.

The front of the house has been finished in stucco and composite panels. There will be a cedar screen in front of the Master Bedroom window that will be able to slip open for more daylight or be closed for more privacy. The Living room window will have a translucent film applied to its lower 4′ for visual privacy while still allowing in daylight.


Private Residence, back view


Private Residence, front view



Meet Proscenium’s Employees!

Shereen Chak

Name? Shereen Chak

Where were you born? Toronto, Ontario

Where did you go to school? Why? I went to University of British Columbia for Architecture school. I believe that sustainability and awareness of the natural environment is important for design, plus I love how beautiful and culturally diverse Vancouver is!

What class in school has proven to be the least useful? Philosophy of Art. it has not proved useful so far.

What’s your most prized article of black clothing? My black jeans, because I can almost wear it anytime anywhere.

What is the best building of all time?   Wang Shu- New Academy of Art and Sanaa Architects- Rolex Learning Center

What are some of your favourite micro-breweries/food-trucks in Vancouver? Tacofino

Your Great Escape would be to? Botswana

What single piece of technology makes your life easier? GPS

What word do you have trouble saying? Worcestershire sauce

What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday? Snowboarding up in Whistler and then soaking in a hot tub