242 West 6th

242 West 6th is a restoration and renovation project to an existing Heritage house in North Vancouver. Formerly a single-family home, the building is being converted into a duplex, with a full suite in one side and an infill house on the lane. A site that housed one family will now house four, keeping in line with the goal of densification for neighbourhoods in close proximity to downtown. The project went through a rezoning and a heritage review.

The Witton Residence, built in 1914, is valued for its Edwardian-era architecture designed by Blackadder & MacKay and its association with the historical Ottawa Gardens development. Proscenium’s design will maintain the heritage value of the house and its expression on the exterior, while adding a new addition that complements (but doesn’t mimic) the original cladding. Some original elements have been restored, including stained glass windows, existing shingle siding, a belly-band and bell curve skirt on the shingles. An exploration into the historical paint of the building confirmed a colour scheme of Comox Green, Dunbar Buff and Stratchcona Red for the window trim, which will be matched. The house has beautiful views down the hill to downtown.

242 West 6th is currently under construction and is about 80% built, with estimated completion Spring 2021. The project will really come together over the next couple months as attention is turned to tiling, millwork, painting, site work and landscaping.

  • Client: Private Residence
  • Location: North Vancouver
  • Size: 2312 ft2
  • Completion: est. Spring 2021
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