Surrey Arts Centre

The redevelopment of the Surrey Arts Centre responded directly to the needs of a thriving arts and cultural community that had long outgrown its space. In 2001, Proscenium was retained to design a renovation and addition to the existing facility as recommended in the Functional Program Study (developed by Proscenium in 2000). The program included a 450-seat playhouse theatre, 129-seat studio theatre, art gallery, ceramic studio, visual arts classrooms and offices.

Proscenium’s design solution for the SAC kept both performing and visual arts under one roof, refocusing the public face of the complex back towards the community. The Gallery was redesigned as a Class ‘A’ facility to meet industry standards for humidity and climate control and security requirements—to bring both national and international travelling exhibits to the local community.

Photography/Rendering: Ed White, 2003
  • Client: City of Surrey
  • Location: Surrey, BC
  • Size: 33,000 ft² renovation; 20,000 ft² addition
  • Completion: 2001
  • Awards:
    2002/2003 IDI BC Award of Excellence
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