Christ Church Cathedral Interior

The program of restoration and renewal for this Class A heritage building was designed to extend the facility’s relevance to the larger community through a balance of secular and non-secular use of the space. The internal refurbishment of the Cathedral integrates modern elements with historic building fabric to increase the flexibility of the space and improve its performance as a performing arts venue. Phase 1 of this work was completed in joint venture with Iredale Group Architecture.

Vertigo Theatre

Located in base of Calgary Tower Centre, the new home of Vertigo Mystery Theatre transforms a former cinema complex into a live venue for the performing arts. The new facility includes a 350-seat proscenium theatre, 200-seat studio theatre, front-of-house gallery and lobby spaces, and back-of-house support spaces and workshop.

Vancouver East Cultural Centre

Since its conversion to a performing arts facility in the early 1970s, the Vancouver East Cultural Centre has become a cultural landmark for both the neighbourhood of East Vancouver and the City. The rehabilitation program for the Cultch is committed to preserving the intimacy and atmosphere of the historic building, while expanding the complex to better serve the needs of the professional artistic community. Additional program includes a new 80-seat studio theatre, increased back-stage facilities, lobby and washroom facilities and increased administration and box office capabilities.

The Improv Centre

Located at the entrance to Granville Island overlooking Broker’s Bay, the new home for Vancouver’s Theatresports transforms a former yacht sales office into a cabaret style theatre. The program for the Improv Centre includes a performance stage, flexible seating for 180 audience members, and a bar and concession area.

Stanley Theatre

The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage opened in 1998 as the Arts Club Theatre Company’s flagship venue, transforming an abandoned movie theatre on South Granville into a fully functioning 650-seat performing arts venue. The design team worked within the parameters of the tight urban site to balance restoration of heritage elements with major interventions to the existing building fabric to provide a viable venue for live theatre.