Surrey Arts Centre

The redevelopment of the Surrey Arts Centre responded directly to the needs of a thriving arts and cultural community that had long outgrown its space. In 2001, Proscenium was retained to design a renovation and addition to the existing facility as recommended in the Functional Program Study (developed by Proscenium in 2000). The program included a 450-seat playhouse theatre, 129-seat studio theatre, art gallery, ceramic studio, visual arts classrooms and offices.

Proscenium’s design solution for the SAC kept both performing and visual arts under one roof, refocusing the public face of the complex back towards the community. The Gallery was redesigned as a Class ‘A’ facility to meet industry standards for humidity and climate control and security requirements—to bring both national and international travelling exhibits to the local community.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Built in 1959 as part of an international design competition, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre is now home to Vancouver Opera and Ballet British Columbia. Since 1996, Vancouver Civic Theatres has committed to a long range strategy for the restoration, rehabilitation and renovation of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in order to enhance the theatre’s production capabilities, acoustic performance, audience comfort and enjoyment, life-safety features and positioning in a competitive market.

Proscenium has worked closely with the facility’s staff and users over the years to upgrade the theatre, remaining sensitive to the heritage classification of the building while bringing the theatre up to date for contemporary use. The phases of work have included acoustic improvements, replacement of the audience chamber ceiling, upgrades of the lobby, bars, entrances and plaza.

The Orpheum

Recognized as one of North America’s finest concert halls and one of Canada’s most significant historic interiors, the Orpheum has remained a viable performing arts venue in Vancouver for nearly a century. Built in 1927 as a vaudeville theatre, the building was saved from demolition in the late 1970s and has become a Class A Heritage building.

Proscenium continues to work with the City through incremental phases of work as part of Vancouver Civic Theatres’ long range plan to upgrade the Orpheum to accommodate a broader range of uses. Our award-winning work on the building to date includes the audience chamber, acoustic shell, lobby upgrade and bars, and seating and washrooms.


Evergreen Cultural Centre

Located in Coquitlam’s Town Centre, Evergreen Cultural Centre is a community cultural facility and focal point for the local arts and culture scene. Set against Lafarge Lake, the facility includes a 275-seat studio theatre, art gallery, visual arts teaching studios, rehearsal hall and retail spaces.

Proscenium worked with the centre in 1996 to upgrade the facility and then was commissioned again in 2006 to examine the needs for an expanded theatre.

Arts Club Theatre Granville Island Stage

The new entry sequence for the Granville Island Stage places the Arts Club Theatre Company central to Granville Island’s hub of activity. Proscenium completed a redesign of the box office, lobby, canopy, washroom and administrative spaces based on recommendations from the Arts Club Theatre Facility Assessment Study completed in 2002.