Langara Bioinformatics Lab

The newly completed Bioinformatics Lab at Langara College is a molecular lab with a built-in tissue culture lab. Proscenium worked with Langara to create a unique facility for teaching upper level biology with built-in infrastructure to have industry professionals work on extended research projects. The project includes the science lab, faculty offices, two hotel-ing office stations for visiting scientists and a state-of-the-art computer lab. Five Virtual Reality stations allow users to build 3D models of enzymes, proteins and other molecular structures as a tool for teaching and research.

Proscenium’s design is functional and modern, fulfilling the needs of an academic science lab by integrating special building services such as access to water, compressed air, fume hoods, filters and methods of disposing chemicals.

Pipe Shop Phase Two

After the successful renovation of the Pipe Shop Venue in 2017, Proscenium returned to the popular heritage community hall with new features in 2019. Previously upgraded with stylish washrooms and a projection wall, the latest renovation prepares the venue to operate year-round with the addition of heating, cooling, and acoustic treatments. New ducts are tucked quietly away between the existing heavy timber framing while perforated steel plates obscure acoustic material between the wooden roof joists. Inspired by the pipe-bending history of the building, we added a bent steel stair to provide access to the mezzanine above. Proscenium hopes to one day convert the mezzanine into a green room and bridal lounge to complete the vision for a well-rounded community space in the heart of North Vancouver’s Shipyards District.

KPU Wilson School of Design

Proscenium worked with Kwantlen Polytechnic University on the Wilson School of Design in 2018. The project included FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) and interior design for a new mass-timber building designed by KPMB Architects and Public Design. Our vision for this bright and open space was based on the unconventional needs of design students that work in areas of fashion, interior design and graphics. We worked with KPU closely to devise a contemporary solution, providing custom built lockers, portable classroom furniture and custom millwork. We also designed inter-departmental common spaces—places where ideas can fly—to facilitate social interaction and collaboration between different creative disciplines.

Langara College Science & Technology Building

The Science & Technology Building is a collaborative project with Teeple Architects. Conceived of as the gateway for the Langara College campus, the building boasts an impressive cantilever over the 49th Avenue entrance roadway.

The building is organized into two primary blocks, one on top of another. The lower block consists of the College Registrars offices, Computer Science and meeting rooms available to all faculties on campus and some community collaborations. These program elements were considered carefully to encourage as much activity as possible for this new gateway building. It was symbolic that new students and visitors would enter the campus through the Science & Technology building.

The upper block contains the Science faculty consisting of Physics, Nursing, Biology, Chemistry and Kinesiology along with some general classrooms. The various departments were organized in a way to maximize efficiency of space by placing those departments that require intensive mechanical systems at the top, thereby concentrating the bulk of the building’s systems to the upper floor.

As Langara College is a sustainable campus, this project has been designed to LEED Gold standards. One of the most ambitious initiatives was to reduce the overall on-site parking by encouraging public transit and car share programs.

Pipe Shop Venue at the Shipyards

Proscenium worked with the City of North Vancouver to renovate the Pipe Shop Venue at the Shipyards into an adaptable and desirable community event space. On a tight budget and schedule, our team sought to bring out the best in the 1940’s Pipefitter’s Building by using white paint to focus attention on the heavy timber structure.

Locating a small addition of washrooms, a servery and a projector surface to the far end of the building, the remainder of the space is left flexible for a wide variety of community events. Since its renovation, the Pipe Shop has become an integral part of the Lower Lonsdale hub, hosting hundreds of weddings, yoga classes, galas, pop-up markets, learning initiatives, photo shoots, sporting events, fundraisers, corporate events and more. A red corridor has been carved out of our addition to direct the public to the washrooms and energize the atmosphere in the venue.

In 2019, Proscenium completed a second phase of renovations, establishing an architecturally unique staircase to connect the mezzanine and updating HVAC and lighting systems.