Jericho Tennis Club Pool & Deck

The Pool and Deck project is the first major component of the 2012 Master Plan to be realized. It consists of an enlarged swimming pool with 3 lanes and additional space for other water programs, an enlarged hot tub and deck, and an elevated terrace transitioning between the beloved grassy knoll and the new pool.

The spectacular views to the North Shore are as unrestricted as possible with a cantilevered glass guard supporting a lighted handrail. Supplemental bollards were used to eliminate the need for conventional pole lighting, creating a more serene atmosphere.

Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club Upper Level Renovation

We were commissioned by the Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club in 2003 to conduct a Facilities Master Planning Study outlining a route forward to renovating the existing clubhouse over a series of projects, phased to allow the club to remain operational. The latest and most ambitious project in the plan was the comprehensive redevelopment of the upper level – which included the consolidation of the squash facilities and updated hospitality rooms, pub, kitchen, administrative offices and outdoor deck.

The Tudor facade of the Badminton Hall gives the club it’s architectural identity. We decided to bookend the clubhouse between the traditional Tudor Badminton Hall and a modern interpretation of Tudor for the Squash Centre, inverting the traditional style with respect to pattern and material. Traditional heavy timber elements became negative space while stucco infill elements are expressed using simulated wood panels. Good heritage practice demands that additions are separate, identifiable, and complementary: this inversion creates depth and pattern over a large fa├žade while referencing the original Hall.

The new wing, composed of admin space, the pub and the new squash centre, anchors the upper level which frames the interior pool courtyard, giving the courtyard a richer sense of place and realizing the bulk of the Master Plan.