Elenore on Fifth

Elenore on Fifth is a mixed-use commercial and residential development at the corner of 5th Ave and Main St. in Vancouver. The project is a full Proscenium design; the interior and exterior design were considered together to create a cohesive experience throughout. The building was sculpted to view the mountains and terraces down the slope of Main St, creating opportunities for large residential patios and ample outdoor urban space. The use of brick references the district’s industrial heritage, while stone and wood-toned panels nod to contemporary neighbouring condos.

The project is LEED Gold certified and incorporates many sustainable elements, such as extensive green roofs, 5″ exterior insulation and durable materials such as brick cladding.

1104 Haro Street

In 2019, Proscenium worked with BOLD Properties to deliver an innovative conceptual design for 1104 Haro Street in Vancouver’s West End. Restrictive zoning bylaws and an onsite heritage building required a creative solution for this residential market and rental project. In Proscenium’s design, a new 16-storey tower neatly fits on the south end of the site with a large glass atrium that acts as a visual separator between it and the heritage building on the north. To meet current code, bridges on each floor of the atrium connect the two buildings and make the original building (which has no elevator) accessible. A perforated white brick screen in front of the tower acts as a neutral backdrop to the heritage building and provides solar shading.

Proscenium has decades of experience renovating heritage buildings, from our background specializing in updating performing arts centres. We approached the Haro Street project as an exercise in heritage and contemporary design compatibility, with a view to marry “distinct yet compatible” elements in a harmonious way as recommended by Heritage Canada.

4412 West 10th Ave

In 2018, Proscenium undertook a conceptual design project for 4412 West 10th Avenue by Chilson Development. The project included an extensive renovation of the existing two-storey heritage building and the addition of a six-storey mixed-use residential and commercial retail building. The vision was to use the massing of the existing heritage building, a decorative retail and residential building circa 1920’s, as inspiration for the project. The solution replicates the building’s component forms but reinterprets them for 21st Century design. For instance, decorative cornices on the original building translate into sun shades for the tower. These offer a similar visual distinction from the façade, but with functional results.

Elenore – Display Suite

Elenore is a boutique collection of 58 modern one, two and three bedroom homes on Fifth and Main. The Interiors were developed to compliment the design language, massing and context of the building. The space planning was in reaction to the building’s skewed grid, ample outdoor space, green roofs and prominent views.

The Interiors at Elenore are quiet, natural and visually reserved, with the interest coming from the texture, subtle richness and refined quality of the finishes and detailing. The contrast of complimentary materials plays on the contrasting forms of the building. The anchoring and solidity of the podium mass is reflected in the kitchen’s full-height cabinets in the veneer finish. This is contrasted with the light, floating form of the uppers and lowers, which relates to the floating form of the residential portion of the building.

Livability and functionality permeate the units and are integrated throughout. Features such as the professional-grade integrated appliances, pull-out pantry, side-by-laundry complete with folding counter and shelving, built-in storage solutions, USB charging ports and recessed LED accent lighting all add to the quiet luxury and sophistication of these homes.

Bursey Chan Residence

This Shaughnessy home renovation is the second commission for us. Our client wanted to update the living room, main floor bath and to create a small library space on the upper floor.

Portions of the house had been renovated by previous owners so the original character of the house was not fully intact. We proposed a contemporary solution that respected the character elements by creating some relief between the new and existing elements. Areas of the house where the original character had already been modified were completely reworked so that there was a clear distinction between the past and present.

We used a light neutral paint scheme to help create cohesion within the space allowing the divergent elements to work together creating harmony within the space.