Spire Professional Centre

This project entailed extensive renovations to an ageing three-storey commercial building.  New exterior cladding and windows deliver a modern west-coast look while retaining the existing structure.  Upgrades included replacement of the roof and structural improvements to the upper floor.  A refinished ground level includes a renovated lobby and the creation of flexible ground-level commercial spaces, while improving access between the upper level parking and the main entrance.

Mountain Equipment Co-op North Vancouver

The new home for Mountain Equipment Co-op’s North Vancouver retail store is a signature green building, marked by its distinctive saw-tooth roof, high energy efficiency program and innovative water management plan. The building and landscape design open up to the adjacent public park and river ecosystem, reinforcing our client’s commitment to environmental conservation, public education and outdoor recreation initiatives.

*Pictures provided by Ventana Construction and Sharp and Diamond Landscape Architecture

Shine Auto Wash

Featuring the longest car wash tunnel in Western Canada, this state of the art, fully automated car wash facility translates the simple task of washing a car into a spectacle. Water used in the wash process is recycled in an underground reservoir to promote environmental consciousness and responsibility.

To learn more about how the car wash works, check out the Discovery Channel’s video of the Shine Auto Wash:

Lonsdale CRU

Located along a prominent commercial stretch of Lonsdale Avenue, this retail development brings a contemporary design aesthetic to the pedestrian scale while allowing for maximum flexibility of interior space. Overall massing provides a rhythm of solid and void that distinctly sets independent CRUs apart, while allowing the interior to be subdivided in up to 3 units as required.